Good Juu Juu Holiday Wish List Series: Hypnotic Alchemy

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Julia A is a psychology major at SUNY New Paltz in New York, working toward a professional career in a psychiatric hospital or eating disorder treatment center. Julia owns a crystal shop called HypnoticAlchemy. After having the opportunity to mine her own crystals from the earth, she decided to start experimenting with wire wrapping some of her new finds. After lots of practice, she got better and better. Now Julia makes wire wrapped crystal jewelry, gives tarot/oracle readings, and reiki sessions at Hypnotic Alchemy.

Hand Wire Wrapped  Labradorite Pendant Good Juu Juu Holiday Wish List Series: Hypnotic Alchemy

Julia primarily advertises her business through her own social media (Twitter and Instagram), because she likes to “keep things personal” and get to know her audience. This allows her customers to see that she is “a person doing what she loves”, rather than “a saleswoman”. In addition to her social media sales channel, Julia  also sells her jewelry at art shows, and in-person events at in her home.

As a full-time student, Julia balances her time between creating jewelry and working on class assignments. Julia describes her first success in her business as “realizing she had the power”to create it! Julia is proud to commit herself to “fun, fulfilling, gratifying and peaceful” work that allows her to “share the beauty of crystals” and “spread positivity”.

As a business owner, Julia is committed to the values of “honesty, integrity, and love”. She greatly values altruism, saying “I just want to help people in life.” She loves teaching people about crystals and spirituality through her jewelry and reiki sessions. “Helping people is what helps me, making people happy makes me happy, and through this job, I’m doing exactly that and I’m so grateful for absolutely all of it,” she says.


Support Julia’s shop, Hypnotic Alchemy and check her out on Facebook or Instagram.

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