Good Juu Juu Holiday Wish List Series: Art by Jac

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Jacqueline O'Hara is a 20-year-old college student, graduating next year with a major in English and a double minor in Philosophy and Leadership Studies. Jacqueline loves to spend her time writing, painting, drawing, wire wrapping, singing, playing instruments and acting. When making art, she draws inspiration from her past experiences, nature, and dreams. She has a vivid imagination and often lucid dreams, she says “Often art will come to me straight away from the dreams I have”. She is currently in the processes of creating one of the “most challenging pieces” she’s created, a 3ftx4ft painting. It’s a combination of a dozen classic paintings, with her own personal twist. It’s been in progress for a month.


Art by Jac Jacqueline O'Hara  featured in Good Juu Juu Holiday Series


A typical day in the life of Jacqueline starts with her morning routine: Get ready for work and classes, then check Etsy and Twitter for new orders. She spends half the day in her college classes and her campus job. When she gets home, she spends the rest of her day working on art, making post office runs, and picking up art and packaging supplies.

The most important values Jacqueline upholds in her business are quality and honestly. “I will turn down customs and refer them to someone else if I don’t think I can do it as well as another artist can”, she says. She is always transparent about how long her art will take, and keeps customers updated on their order progress. “If I say something will be done by a certain time, it will be, and it will turn out how you wanted it to”, she says.


Art by Jac by Jacaqueline O'Hara  Handmade Wired Wrapped Crystal Hearts featured in Good Juu Juu Holiday Series.


A tip from Jacqueline to beginners: “Be patient. Some weeks you won’t get any orders. Sometimes you’ll make something you’re so proud of, and no one will express interest. Sometimes people will tell you they want something, but will never follow through. Keep on keeping on. If this is what you love, just keep creating and realize that your style will come to you, and your customer base will form around that. You are unique, your art is unique, and your time will come!”

Visit Jacqueline’s Etsy here.

Follow Jacqueline on Twitter! Message her on Twitter with the code goodjuujuuxjac for 25% off your order! (Valid through Dec 25th)


Written by Sierra Lewis, Co-Founder  of Good Juu Juu  

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