February 2020 Energy Forecast

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The Energy Forecast below for February 2020 is a teaser from the full forecast by Alecia Deon of roses&concrete.
You will find a simple summary of the primary card which captures the healing energy of the month.
Yearly, quarterly & monthly forecasts are further broken down into a series of journal exercises intended to be reviewed & answered over the span of the month. 

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[ Isis Oracle Deck x Alana Fairchild ]
february | pisces season
pyramid of light: “step your vibration deeper into love” 
themes: psychic protection, love offering, emotional|divine intelligence, heart chakra, wisdom of knowing and doing better 
affirmation: I am unconditional love. 
crystal healing: pyrite, rose quartz, rutilated quartz
2020 is the year of divine destiny. it represents many things, one of them being an invitation to deepen your spiritual life and connection to the divine. in february, that process leads you to open your heart to receive more love. the heart chakra is represented by the color green, not red. love represented by the color red speaks more to attachment issues and overall unhealthy ways of relating to others. green, on the other hand, is healing. the Earth is covered in this color that is one reason nature is so healing. in the physical body, the heart is an anchor for the knowledge you work to attain and the wisdom you unlock within yourself to coalesce, this is the conjuring of divine intelligence. your eyes, ears, intellect and knowing need only rely on the heart.
as you step yourself further in love and a deeper sense of spirituality, malefic energies become comparably stronger with the intention of causing interference, attempting to disrupt your peace and stall ascension. combat these energies, whether they are internal or external, with love and compassion. your guides will help you to stay aligned. ask them for help. give them an offering of your love. thank them for their guidance and honor them by remaining heart-centered in all that you do.

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