December 1st & 2nd: Mercury and Venus Enter Scorpio

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Mercury Enters Scorpio

Mercury—still currently retrograde—has moved backward into Scorpio and the solar eighth house of transformation. This alters our consciousness, thinning the veil between logic and emotion—and, if you aren’t careful, this can get you into some trouble. It’s far too easy for you to be triggered under this transit, so before you snap at your friend, make sure you’re actually listening to what they’re saying.

Retrogrades serve to teach us how to overcome.

With Mercury in Scorpio, your intuitive and analytical abilities are peaking, which can allow you to properly assess your current obstacles, and find a solution to rid them from your path. As I mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to be triggered under this transit; but this can serve a purpose. Think about what it is that’s triggering you first; is it a situation that you’ve been trying desperately to make work, a relationship? A career? Is it something that you can cut out immediately, or is it something that you need to make an escape plan from?

Now, if it’s none of those…think about the thing being triggered, what would you have done differently then, that you could do now?

Now…instead of applying that to the past, apply it to the present.

Venus Enters Scorpio

So remember how Mercury in Scorpio tends to be triggering; well with Venus in Scorpio, the true issues in our relationships (both with others and ourselves) begin to bubble up to the surface. It’s under this transit that secrets and suppressions expose themselves…and though this can be upsetting; it’s necessary in order for your relationships to keep growing, that you recognize these issues, and figure out whether or not they’re worth overcoming, or if you’re better off walking away altogether.

Venus in Scorpio challenges us to confront the things that have been nagging at us, but we were afraid of talking about due to the potential opinions of others. You can’t keep ignoring things, it only allows things to become much more complicated and uncomfortable, you need to be able to make yourself comfortable just as much as you sacrifice your own comfort for others.

That road goes both ways.

This is also an excellent time to work on getting loans, and winning over new investors, as both Mercury and Venus being in Scorpio does give you the advantage of intuition, of feeling the desire of those you need to win over.


Written by Anthony Upshaw, Popgoth

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