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Crystals for November : Sodalite

Earlier this month, we shared a blog post written by Anthony Upshaw explaining how we can take advantage of the energy shifts resulting from Jupiter, the planet of luck, optimism, hope, growth, and expansion moving into its sign, Sagittarius. “This transit is about you teaching yourself that newness that getting out of your comfort zone is good. Experience new people! Experience new worlds!”, he writes.

Considering the energies of this major transit, our first crystal for November is Sodalite. Like all blue crystals, gems, and minerals, Sodalite is excellent for your throat chakra. Sodalite encourages clear communication and expression, which will aid you as you expand into new territories in November. Use Sodalite to express your most authentic desires, the luck associated with this month will help your desires come to fruition.

Sodalite is also a stone of love and agreement. If you are looking for love or romance, Jupiter’s luck will be in your favor, and wearing or carrying sodalite can aid in attracting loving, positive energy. If you aren’t looking for romantic love, use Sodalite to improve your business relationships, family bonds, and friendships. This communication boosting stone is bound to minimize disagreements or disorganization. Sodalite’s powerful healing energy can absolve your heart of painful past emotional baggage that may be preventing you from finding peace, love, and harmony in your life.

Sodalite is also known for persistence. New experiences are exciting but can create anxiety and fear of the unknown. Use this ‘power of persistence’ to face your new journeys and opportunities with confidence and hope. Make a conscious effort this month to step out of your comfort zone!

Are you ready to use Sodalite to make November a month to remember? Check out our shop to grab one of our hand carved animal Sodalite statues before they’re gone! Unicorns are a symbol of purity and healing and are the perfect reminder of the powerful rejuvenating quality of crystals. Elephants are a symbol of power and strength. They remind us to reclaim our inner power.


Written by Sierra Lewis, Co-Founder of Good Juu Juu

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