Good Juu Juu Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon is a time to bring light to our darkness. It is a symbol to remind us that transformation and release are critical and necessary for growth and transcendence. This is a time when “the juu juu is strong”, and you should trust your heightened intuition. Use every full moon as an opportunity to release the old so you can manifest the new.

Good Juu Juu Full Moon Ritual

  1. Clear the air. Our beautiful flower and sage bundles are a great way to clear your space of negative or stagnant energy. Imagine your worries and anxieties clearing away with the smoke.
  2. Get grounded. Clear your mind of any worries or anxieties. Fill your mind with loving thoughts. Remind yourself of your worth. Remind yourself of the love you have for yourself and the love God has for you. Only a peaceful mind and spirit can co-create with God.
  3. Get writing. Release all that no longer serves you. Write your feelings, if emotions wash over you, feel them all allow them to flow. Let everything that you’ve been ignoring and running from bubble to the surface. Face your fears and demons. Cast light on everything that has robbed you of peace. Find your peace and honor your feelings. Release.
  4. Juu Juu Up - Crystals or Juu Juus are great teammates for intention setting. They will create a beautiful, calm and welcoming environment to accompany your ritual. Crystals are known for different qualities and energies that can easily be matched with your intention. Smoky quartz is a great choice if you have intentions of releasing any negative or tense energies.

Creating a Full Moon ritual doesn’t have to be stressful. Trust your intuition and create a space that feels right for you. Use the energy from the new moon to manifest what it is you seek. Allow your self to embrace the changes and accept the losses. Remember we are all like the moon going through phases and cycles. Tapping into this beautiful energy helps us connect to all of God’s Creation. When we are at a place to be at one with all then we can manifest in an instant.

April 19th’s Full moon is known as a “Pink” moon. This Full Moon is asking you to take a look at what is and isn’t working. It’s time to let go of any situation person or thing that no longer serves its purpose. It’s time to elevate and to go up a level and is necessary for you to embrace this new power. Step into the purpose and the path you manifested with your intentions. Level Up!

Find more resources and information on our Crystal Education Page.

Written By Sierra Lewis & Marion Henson

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