New Black Super Moon in Virgo- August 30, 2019

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The New  Super Moon in Virgo will appear at 3:37 am PT/ 6:37 am EST. It will be appear invisible but it’s energy will be felt. A Lunar cycle restart.It is a an excellent time to plant new seeds and set intentions. The grounding energy will help us get back on track. 
Relationships and Love 
Compassion and communication are very important during this time.  Be considerate, gentle and mindful  of words and deeds. Be kind and show compassion in actions, words and thoughts.
Honor your need for intimacy and connection. Be intentional about the relationships you create. Practice being less critical. 
Helping others provides  emotional satisfaction. Be helpful and give back to those that you love. Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. 
Personal Growth
Let’s go. It time to declutter and clean up everything. Organize. Followup. Put in the work and manifest what we actually want. Solidify Your new self. 
Develop and embrace habits and techniques that help you. Growth is difficult. It’s a journey. This month put a plan in action that will work for you. Put your life in alignment  for  good health, happiness and prosperity. 
Remember your vision and goals. Be secure in who you are becoming and Affirm your identity. 
New opportunities, new places, new experiences are all a part of the journey. Stay grounded and focused on the vision/goals you set. Remain open and allow things to flow. Being organized and prepared helps prepare but when things don’t go as plan remember to be grateful. Practice less criticism.  Be open to new people and experiences. Opportunities sometimes come from unlikely places. 
Getting into a flow helps elevate stress. You have been putting your health off or just ignoring the essentials. It’s time to establish/ reestablish healthy productive routines. Become less plugged in more connected grounded. Go to the doctor.  Visit your therapist. Work out. Develop a routine that works for you. Eat. Sleep. Read. 
Keyword Affirmations 
Communication - I communicate clearly and honestly with myself and others. 
Compassion - I am compassionate to myself and others. 
Love - I love myself and others from a place of compassion and not criticism. 
Organization -  My space is organized and clean. My thoughts are mindful and considerate. 
Health- My health is vital. I am actively engaged in  new routines that make me happy and healthy. 
Crystals For the New Moon in Virgo:
Clear Quartz 
Mookaite Jasper 
Moss Agate
Snowflake Obsidian
Pink Opal
Create a new moon ritual. Set intentions.  Accomplish your goals. I was first introduced to New Moon rituals in 2014 while attending cosmetology school. A wonderful educator showed  me the importance of setting intentions while working on manifesting your goals. 
Start buy clearing the energy in the room. You can do this several ways. 
  1. Burn sage , incense or another purifying herb (cedar, rosemary. 
  2. Prayer - Before setting an intention prayer and help you clear our and release the things that no longer serve you. 
  3. Meditate - mediation is a good way to be still. To allow yourself an opportunity to be present. In the present set clear intentions and allow them to motivate you. 
  4. Light a candle- white candles are excellent tools when creating a pure space. Often used in various religious and spiritual practices it illuminates and is in aid with setting any  intention. 
  5. Add a crystal that helps to amplify the positivity you are setting in your space. Clear Quartz is an excellent crystal to incorporate for this New Moon in Virgo. 
To set intentions. Take out your journal and begin writing down your what you want to accomplish. Remember to focus on the things you want to attract into your life. Be patient and take your time.  When writing down your intentions be truthful  and realistic. One way to manifest is set intentions and this new moon is a great time to create new opportunities. 
Abundance Ritual
Each New moon take out a check or turn to a fresh sheet of paper in your journal. 
  1. Write in the amount  you need or desire to manifest.  
  2. Write an intention in the memo.
  3. Make the check out to yourself
  4. Date it 
  5. Place it in an envelope with your name / intention on it
  6. Place it away somewhere safe 
  7. Start putting in the work. Use your gifts and be who you are. Everything you need and everything you put out into the world comes back to you. Set an intention to put love out into the world. There are so many blessings that will return with love.
More Information on the New Moon : 
What is a New Moon? 
Usually unseen, a New moon is the first lunar phase. The moon is at equal distance  between the sun and earth and unless there is a solar eclipse it will not be visible. 
Symbolically it is a fresh start. As the moon becomes new, we also have the opportunity to become new.  The new cycle and season let go and forgive yourself and others. This release us to let go of any baggage that may repeat cycles that are unhealthy and do not serve our highest good.  
Release through creativity. The new moon is a good time to reflect. Some people meditate, journal, pray or declutter. If these things don’t work for you it’s okay. Find out what works for you. Therapy, painting, music, stargazing or any activity you enjoy can help clear and focus your mind. 
What is a Supermoon? 
A Supermoon occurs when the moon is close to the Earth. This month’s moon with be the second closet this year 
When does the Supermoon occur? 
The Supermoon with occur at 8:37 am PT/ 11:37
am EST. It will appear within five hours of the New moon.
New Moon August 2019 Times and Dates
  • Los Angeles, August 30 at 3:37 am
  • New York, August 30 at 6:37 am
  • London, August 30 at 11:37 am
Written By Marion Henson, Co- Founder Good Juu Juu 

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