A Closer Look: The Spring 2019 Juu Juu Box

Posted by Sierra Lewis on

Our Spring 2019 Juu Juu Box is now available, and we have less than 35 boxes left in stock! Spring represents rebirth, renewal, love, growth, and innocence. We start our “spring cleaning” to make space for the new. We admire the newly bloomed flowers and tender green leaves. Many find new love or new homes during the Spring! Our Spring Juu Juu box is full of sweet spring energy and is guaranteed to make new beginnings even more exciting.

Each Spring Juu Juu Box contains the following ten items...

  1. 100 Graces Amber + Lava Stone Bracelets
  2. Essential Element Soap Co Crystal Soap
  3. Witchy Hippy Resin Flower Pendulums
  4. The Maiden Bath Company Amethyst Bath Bomb
  5. Half Moon Candle Co Crystal Candle IN STOCK
  6. Hipsters Dream Designs Turquoise Crystal Dream Catcher
  7. Good Juu Juu Abalone Shell Moon Pendant
  8. Good Juu Juu Amethyst, Labradorite or Smoky Quartz Chip Bracelet
  9. Good Juu Juu Tumbled Stone Keychain
  10. Good Juu Juu Howlite Angel

Watch our latest video below to learn more about the products and makers featured in this exclusive box. 

Written by Sierra Lewis 

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